Innovation Support


Destined for companies wishing to engage in or already involved in an innovation procedure.


  • Creating the conditions for innovation,

  • Identifying opportunities for innovation,

  • Selecting ideas which have been collected,

  • Guidance towards the most pertinent assistance packages,

  • Initiate measures of innovation protection,

  • Implement innovative projects.


  • Knowledge of the regional and national ecosystem,

  • Positioning in a network which is favorable to innovation,

  • Setting up of a multi-channel monitoring system (technological, market, economic, regulatory and standards),

  • Setting up of a listening process for clients and associates, a creative process,

  • Going deeper into the ideas collected : asking questions about the economic, legal, managerial, technical and financial components of ideas in order to select only the most pertinent,

  • The different kinds of assistance on innovative projects: Innovation Technology Services, support contracts, strategic advice assistance, development equity loans,

  • Commitment to confidentiality, deposition of a Soleau enveloppe, a patent, a drawing or model, a brand:  link with the INPI

  • Identifying the risk factors and the successes,

  • Ensuring the planning, management and follow-up of the project.

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