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Description :

The organization LAINAMAC was created in 2009 to structure, develop and promote wool in its economic, agricultural and touristic dimensions, in the area of Nouvelle Aquitaine Region and Massif Central. It is settled in Felletin, in the South of the Department of Creuse, in the heart of the professional community inherited from centuries of Aubusson tapestry and carpets production.

As a network, the enterprises are experts in the diversity of wool craftsmanship : breeding, shearing, wool sorting, washing, bedding, mattress fabrication, spinning, dyeing, knitting, weaving, tufting, carpet manufacturing, tapestry, quilting and textile restoration.

LAINAMAC works for the safeguarding of the wool craftsmanship, for the conservation of the diversity of practices, allow the players in the sector to reach a high level of expertise in order to build a lively, responsible French wool sector. To this end, it hosts a Training Centre, identifies master craftsmen who are renowned for their expertise, their brio or their creative touch, and invites them to pass their skills on.

The organization supports wool involved enterprises of the territory, by launching innovative programs like the sourcing platform, which lists materials and services of the wool sector; the Oh my laine! annual selection of ambassador labels brought to light in a Parisian showroom; as well as the Geographical Indications “Tapis d’Aubusson” and “Tapisserie d’Aubusson”.

In all its projects, LAINAMAC explores the wools’ origin for the purpose of setting up new supplies coming from the territory of the organization.

Activité :
  • Training center

  • Cluster

Produits :
  • Training

  • Acompagnement d'entreprise

Marchés :
  • Apparel / Fashion

  • Furniture / Decoration


Mme Géraldine CAUCHY
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